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Frequently asked questions

What is a "Processing Fee"?

Mototext Cars takes great effort to find and contact vehicle sellers. We use paid advertisements, direct mail, and our extensive network to locate people with junk cars.

This fee makes sure we can keep our vetting process and get the best leads for buyers.

I'm buying a car. When do I pay for the vehicle?

You pay for the car when you pickup from the seller.

I'm selling my car? When do I get paid?

The great thing about the Mototext Cars is the ability either take an immediate cash payout or let you vehicle bid on our open exchange.

Once you upload, you will select one of the two options:

An immediate cash payout is exactly that. You sell you vehicle directly to Mototext Cars and receive payment in minutes.

If you choose to place your vehicle on the exchange, then Buyers will bid on your vehicle and you can potentially sell at a higher price. Your vehicle may sell in 1-2 weeks or more.

What do I receive when I purchase the Buyer Ticket?

Once you have purchased the Buyer Ticket, you will receive the seller information including:

- Vehicle Details
- Phone Number
- Location of the Vehicle
- Seller Price

A downloadable file detailing the seller information will be sent to your email. From there, you can reach out to the seller and schedule a time to pickup the vehicle.

Can I negotiate the Selling Price of the vehicle?

Absolutely not. We contact each seller directly, gathering all information on their vehicle. We solidify the selling price for their car prior to making it available to buyers.

You can review the Selling Price before you purchase the lead. If you do purchase, you accept and agree to pay the seller that price, no exceptions.

Can I pay the seller with a check or card?

No, all transactions must be done in cash only. We promise our sellers fast and easy pay. This also keeps things simple for our buyers.