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Mototext Cars has formed partnerships with top auctions and buyers. We built this platform to connect everyday people looking to buy and get rid of junk and used vehicles at the best price.







How we value junk and used cars

Even with flat tires, no brakes or other serious problems there are people interested in buying your car. We specialize in finding those buyers. So if you think your car is in the worst condition, let us see what it's really worth.

Vehicle quotes are based on car weight, year, make, model, vehicle condition & location. All prices based on Kelley Blue Book value and market price of metal.

National Metal and Scrap Prices

Copper Wire: $3.53 /lb.

Copper Tubing: $3.23 /lb.

Car Batteries: $0.18 /lb.

Cast Iron: $235 /ton

Lead: $0.42 /lb.

Sheet Aluminum: $0.45 /lb.

Aluminum Siding: $0.53 /lb.

Shreddable Steel: $203 /ton

Stainless Steel: $0.49 /ton

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