For Sellers

What type of cars can I post and sell?

We specialize in getting you the best deals for your car. Vehicles that are damaged, unwanted, broken-down, we get you cash for. Complete our quick Seller Information Form and receive a free quote.

How much does it cost to sell my vehicle?

You do not pay anything during the process of selling your car. Our service is completely free of charge. We're happy to get that car of your hands and out of your driveway!

When do I get paid for my car?

When our buyer arrives to pick up your vehicle, he or she will give you cash on the spot. They will inspect the vehicle, grab the keys, and hand over your payment. It sounds simple, because it is. The whole process can take place within just a day, which means you could finally sell your car within 24 hours.

What happens to my car when sold?

Depending on the condition, your car will be broken down for parts or scraped for weight. Our buyer network consists of people looking to buy all kinds of cars: dealerships, junk yards, auto recyclers, wrecking yards, scrap yards.

How does Mototext calculate the value of my vehicle?

Mototext takes into account different factors when making you an offer for your vehicle: The extent of damage Mechanical and electrical problems Its make, model, mileage and year The weight of the car Current market value for metals by the ton We strive to provide a fair offer to every customer.

Can I negotiate the selling price with the Buyer?

We take the time to evaluate your vehicle and determine the most fair price for it. Once we have agreed on the Selling Price Range, buyers will choose to purchase based on that and other factors.

How long is my car posted on

Once you submit your Seller Information Form or text us your details, your vehicle will immediately be posted for buyers to view. For the next 72 hours, your car will be visible for buyers.

For Buyers

What is a "Processing Fee"?

Mototext takes great time and effort to contact vehicle sellers. We use paid advertisements, direct interactions, and our extensive network to find anyone looking to sell their cars. We negotiate pricing to be economical for buyers to turn a profit and sellers to receive a fair offer. Our Processing Fee is the price for those services. Get connected with people ready to sell or buy, same day.

What do I receive when I purchase the Buyer Ticket?

Once you have purchased the Buyer Ticket, you will receive the seller information including: Vehicle Details Phone Number Location of the Vehicle Seller Price A downloadable file detailing the seller information will be sent to your email. From there, you can reach out to the seller and schedule a time to pickup the vehicle.

Can I negotiate the Selling Price of the vehicle?

Absolutely not. We contact each seller direclty, gathering all information on their vehicle. We solidify the selling price for their car prior to making it available to buyers. You can review the Selling Price before you purchase the lead. If you do purchase, you accept and agree to pay the seller that price, no exceptions.

When do I pay for the vehicle?

You pay for the car when you pickup from the seller.

Can I pay the seller with a check or card?

No, all transactions must be done in cash only. We promise our sellers fast and easy pay. This also keeps things simple for our buyers.