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We launched with the goal of creating a simple exchange for junk car buyers and sellers. Our company eliminates the hassle of pricing, shopping around, and over-priced towing. Mototext has formed partnerships with the best car buyers and built a platform to connect everyday people looking to buy and get rid of junk vehicles at the best price.

At Mototext, we are honest, reputable, and dependable. We offer the best pricing on junk cars for both buyers and sellers, while always committed to providing you with the best experience. 


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Factors On Pricing

A Junk Car

A few important factors go into the value placed on a junk vehicle.

Simply because your car does not run does not mean it is worthless.  Your car has many valuable components that junkyards are willing to pay for.  The most important components are the steel and aluminum that make up most of the car. As the price of steel changes, as do the value of junk cars.


Even with flat tires, no brakes or other serious problems there may be buyers interested in buying your car.  We specialize in finding those buyers.  So even if you think your car is in the worst condition, let our experts let you know what it is really worth. 

Finally, most of your car's value is in its shreddable metal, and thus its weight.  So that old broken down van or truck may be worth some real money! 

Copper Wire
$1.71- $2.20 /lb.
Copper Tubing
$1.65- $2.05 /lb.
National Metal &
Scrap Prices
Car Batteries
$0.25- $0.34 /lb.
Cast Iron
$150- $210 /ton
$0.44- $0.63 /lb.
Sheet Aluminum
$0.32- $0.42 /lb.
Aluminum Siding
$0.35- $0.46 /lb.
Shreddable Steel
$165- $215 /ton
Stainless Steel
$0.21- $0.36 /ton